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This is done when the bonds have semi-annual coupon payments. However, not all bonds pay semi-annual coupon, especially there are many non-US bonds that pay coupon annually and hence will have the annual yield that is calculated by the compounding rules.

The bond-equivalent yield of a semi-annual coupon bond and the annual yield from an annual-pay bond cannot be directly compared. To make them comparable, we need to convert the annual yield from the annual-pay bond into bond equivalent yield, which is done using the following formula:.

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What the above formula does is first calculates the semi-annual yield and then applies the convention of doubling it to arrive at the bond equivalent yield. Let say that an annual coupon paying bond has a yield of 6. The bond-equivalent yield will be calculated as follows:. Visit www.

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The calculators can be ordered online. Bloomberg for Education helps universities incorporate the Bloomberg Terminal into their academic programs to better prepare students for the global job market.

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