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You may object to the use of third-party cookies by selecting below:. I decline the use of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager cookies pseudonyms compiling statistics on user behavior. ACBe - High frequency internal vibrator system for flexible and effective concrete compaction even in difficult to access areas, portable and battery-operated as a backpack.

The worldwide first and only battery driven vibratory plates for emission-free and wireless compaction! DT10e - The battery-powered track dumper works up to eight hours absolutely emission free. Flexible switching to emission free operation. The Premium lines for comprehensive comfort and maximum flexibility. Models with handle and bodyguard; high-frequency technology for good results in concrete consolidation; for a long service life, all components are processed at a very high-quality and are sturdy.

The Advanced line for all standard applications: 2 model series available: IEC with converter and IE without converter. The Basic line for simple working comfort. Individually configurable flexible shafts, vibratory heads and motors in various performance classes. High frequency internal vibrator system for flexible and effective concrete compaction even in difficult to access areas, portable and battery-operated as a backpack.

The external vibrators for in-situ concrete compaction are ideal for concrete consolidation directly on the construction site. The external vibrators for concrete compaction in prefabricated concrete factories are designed for the special requirements, performance and durability. These external vibrators run at lower frequencies, therefore they are perfectly suited for transporting or loosening of bulk materials. Pneumatic external vibrators are the first choice when electricity is not available. They provide continuous vibration for non-stop applications.

Their robust, strong and simple design provide low maintenance requirements and high durability. For converting the frequency of internal and external vibrators on construction sites. Compact size and impressive performance even in continuous operation. Stationary frequency converters are perfectly suited for the operation of a greater number of external vibrators which requires a more complex switch control technique.

Ideal for smoothing concrete in border areas, around pillars and small areas. The electric drive allows for the use in confined areas. Ideal for finishing concrete surfaces in bordering areas, around obstructions and smaller slabs.

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Dynamically balanced for effortless operation. Ideal for finishing larger concrete surfaces and achieving flat floors. Designed for operator comfort and high performance. The innovative mechanical rebar tier for stable connections of reinforcing steel wires.

It replaces pliers and prevents that construction workers have to work in a hunched over position. Perfect for working on reinforcement and for fixing plastic pipes. Quick and accurate strike-off of concrete with or without the support of stakes and forms. Lightweight unit is easy to use and available with various blade widths. The world's only rammers with a two-stroke engine: Provide optimum compaction performance and meet low emission standards.

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The diesel version of rammers offers superior compaction performance, particularly with heavy, cohesive soils. For the compaction of mixed soils, interlocking paving stones, asphalt and other soils - easy to maneuver and extremely agile. For the compaction of all soils and subbases. High compaction performance by operating with forward and reverse direction. The wide range of size, power and feature variants offers a great selection for special requirements. Ideal for soil compaction in trenches.

Easy to maneuver due to the articulated joint and infrared remote control with safety shutdown. Perfectly suited for large areas of soil compaction especially on slopes. The Single drum soil compactors are available with smooth and padfoot drum. Ride-on tandem rollers for compacting larger sub-base areas and asphalt. Optionally equipped with vibration or oscillation, also available as combination. Two-stroke gasoline breakers with a special Wacker Neuson low-emission engine which is tailored exactly to the breakers, that provides excellent demolition performance. For cutting asphalt and concrete - fast, accurate and comfortable with excellent cutting performance.

For cutting brickwork, reinforcement, pipes and even concrete - very reliable cutting performance and extremely durable. Cutting blades from Wacker Neuson for a clean, perfect cut.

From concrete and asphalt discs to universal discs that are offered in 3 performance classes. Reliable sources of power, designed for a variety of applications where temporary power is needed. Also ideal for powering single or multiple electric power tools. The flexible and modular light balloon system can be configured individually for every application. Very bright light, glare-free and easy to set up.

Light Towers are ideally suited for illuminating large areas with diffused light similar to daylight. Mobile, powerful and easy to set up. Ideal for continuous operations. Self priming centrifugal trash water pumps with very large discharge capacities. Ideal for fast dewatering. User-friendly and easy to transport. Trash water diaphragm pumps with reinforced diaphragm for solids with sharp- edged components. Ideally suited for continuous operation. Electric submersible pumps with a large discharge capacities and for extreme pumping heights - extremely robust and wear resistant. Clear water dewatering pumps with large discharge capacities.

For thawing of frozen soils, concrete curing and de-icing of lines and equipment.

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High efficiency due to closed heating fluid circuit through flexibly arrangable hoses. Solid and stable heat supplier which delivers clean and dry heat without combustion residues. Ideal for indoor spaces because these heaters operate with no open flame. For quick and efficient warm air supply in well-ventilated areas. Sophisticated design with impressive performance, ease of use and unaffected by wind or weather.

Very finely graded product range from kg to The compact track excavators are powerful, highly efficient, easy to use and designed to the last detail for performance and operator comfort. The excavators without rear overhang are ideal for working close to buildings and in confined spaces.

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The ideal combination of power and agility. With the authorization for public roads the wheeled excavators can be quickly and flexible on site - no transport truck is needed. The combination of high performance and low consumption makes them efficient helpers at any construction site. The articulated pendulum joint makes this wide range of wheel loaders extremely maneuverable on open terrain. Powerful engines, high lifting capacities and numerous features offered enable comfortable and efficient working in various fields of application.

The numerous attachment tools make wheel loaders versatile all-rounders for many applications.

Buckets and pallet forks in various equipment variations, snow removal equipment, sweeping brooms and many more. Load carriers reaching for height: Telehandler with up to 9 meters stacking height for extra flexibility. Numerous attachment tools expand the range of applications for Telehandlers remarkably. Buckets and pallet forks in various equipment variations and many more. Optimally suited for the material handling even on rough terrain. Due to the articulated pendulum joint they have a high off-road capability and excellent traction on any surface.

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